Max Out Your Eventide H9 For Less

Deal offers 50% off before April 1st      26/03/15

Max Out Your Eventide H9 For Less

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You may have seen we've been using the Eventide H9 multi-effects pedal  for some of our synth demos recently, even that one Shimmer type reverb adds a whole bunch of vibe to almost any signal, but the H9 also has a massive amount of algorithms from Eventide's range of pedals.

You can use the H9 Control app on iOS via Bluetooth (the H9 has built in Bluetooth) to buy additional effect and stomp types to increase the amount of effects available to you - unless you already have an H9 Max that is.

Eventide are offering discounted upgrade paths to achieve full H9 Max from H9 and H9 Core Models. Until April the 1st, the number of purchases required to get all the available effects algorhythms is cut by 50%. Also when you are achieve MAX status, you will also get all future algorithms for free.

For full details check the H9 upgrade info here

Thanks to SynthJam for this spot.


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