Streetly SFX Console Tapes For M-Tron Pro

GForce Software special offer till 24th April      26/03/15

Streetly SFX Console Tapes For M-Tron Pro

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GForce Sotware's M-Tron Pro owners can now access the Streetly Mellotron MKII SFX Library. A library introduced in 1965, it was designed to allow live dubbing of sound effects - 1260 in total directly from the MKII SFX Mellotron - specially designed for a quieter audio path.

If you listen closely, you might just spot one or two sounds from the TVs and films of yesteryear.

The 600MB downloadable library for use with the M-Tron Pro, is available now at a sale price of £24.99/$35.99 until April 14th 2015 (The day before Musik Messe!)




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