Interview: Alessandro Cortini's Synth Cave

Part 1 of an extraordinary chat      03/04/15

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Alessandro Cortini is one of a rare breed of synthesists. Whilst simultaneously being exprimental and mainstream his work covers a broad range. Many will know him as the synth player with Nine Inch Nails (NIN) with whom hes been working for some time, both touring and in the studio where he and Trent Reznor clearly have a creative rapport.

One thing that is also very interesting about his solo work, is that as well as full-on electronic music,almost pop production with SONOIO RED and BLUE to the works in which he explores a single instrument (Forse, SONNO - MC202). He is also one of the few people to creaste truly musical peices using various Buchla systems which he owns.

In this first part of the interview (we talked for a while!) we looked at his massive Buchla system, the MC-202 and Elektron Oktatrack and the EMS VCS3 and Synthi AKS.

Cortini has just released Forse 3 - the completion of the Forse trilogy recorded during a month long session using the Buchla Music Easel. Its brilliant, one thing that really appeals to me personally is that it trains you to hear subtle nuance in sound and appreciate the shifting harmonic richness this machine can produce in the hands of a master.




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