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Chief Analog Engineer introduces the LFO module      09/04/15

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In this video Chief Analog Engineer at Korg Tatsuya Takahashi introduces us to the littleBits LFO module. The LFO was originally designed alongside the littleBits Synth Kit but it didn't make it into the final kit configuration.

This campaign is to see what interest there is for the LFO and you can make your vote count on theĀ bitLab site!

The LFO is an oscillator module that allows you to make slow sweeping changes to sound parameters in the synth kit or with other littleBits modules. You can control the following parameters directly on the module:

-Rate/Frequency knob (speed of oscillation)

-Waveshape control knob (change the duty cycle of a pulse wave or morph a sawtooth to triangle to ramp waveform)

-Waveform selection switch (select triangle/saw or pulse waveform)

The input of the module controls the amplitude of the LFO. There is also an LED on board to help show the rate of oscillation.

Need some circuit ideas? Watch the video to see the LFO in action!!

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