MESSE 2015: Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box Preview

We got in the way while the guys were setting up their booth      14/04/15

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MusikMESSE 2015 hasn't quite started yet, but after touching down in Frankfurt we thought we might as well head to the convention centre and see what we could find.

What we wanted to get a look at was the Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box, which is one of the things which has drummed up most buzz ahead of this year's show.

The guys from PM were still setting up their booth, but kindly let us shoot a quick preview of the video so that you could add any questions you might have about the product to the comment thread.

We'll go back tomorrow and ask those questions!

In the meantime, you can see everything we currently know about the Patch Box here.

Musik MESSE 2015 Kit:
Tascam DR-70D 4 Channel recorders

Audio-Technica System 10 Wireless mics

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