MESSE 2015: Bastl Instruments Thyme

A look at the new Thyme prototype and their desktop range      20/04/15

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So not only did the guys over at Bastl Instruments introduce a whole range of eurorack modules that seem to have completely taken the modular world by storm, they have also been working hard to add to their existing range of desktop modules.

The Trinity desktop range of modules have been out for quite sometime, but we thought it would be a great idea to get an overview of what functions of some of these modules, so as to help with the intriduction of their new effects sequencer; Thyme.

Thyme gives deep and hands-on access to basic sound processing elements which let you create most  effects from the classic multi-effect range, but also explore the whole territory in between of those. You can store all the sound settings on quickly accessible preset button which you can sequence with the built-in sequencer. On top of this there is sophisticated LFO and knob automation. You can also interface with MIDI, CV, analog clock and with a foot switch connector.

Thyme is still in the prototype phase and full specs, pricing and availability will be announced earliest in autumn.

We just couldn't stay away from these guys!

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