MESSE 2015: Erica Synths Graphic VCO

Erica Synths give us a look at their Graphic VCO and more      20/04/15

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Down in the depths of the ground floor of Hall 5, between the grand pianos and the organs, I managed to find Erica Synths. Hailing from Latvia the company has only be going for 18 months, and seems to have massive range of modules already on offer.

Firstly we get a brief overview of their new Hi-Fi range of modules, giving a full row of classic synthesis functions. Merging some classic soviet era designs with their own.

Girt then takes us through their new Graphic VCO module. With this module you can start with a basic waveform and then use encoders to change it into a new waveshape. With CV in to blend through the different waveshapes you can see how this could get pretty complex pretty quickly!

Filmed and Written By Edd Butterworth

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