MESSE 2015: Reactable On Your Mac or PC

Using your touch surface to play with Reactable      20/04/15

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7:34 mins    

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Reactable has been around for almost 10 years now, the original Live version has been used by some very reknowned artists such as Bjork. After being released as a mobile device app it is no surprise that it will soon be available on Mac or PC as Surface devices get more and more popular.

In this video we get a look at how the application runs without the need of the "tangibles" that are used in the original live version.

Firstly we take a look at some of the loop functions for building a track and changing loops on-the-fly. Then we see how to insert effects modifiers onto a loop and how to change their functions.

This is one very elegant system of adding loops, effects and functions to build your tracks live.

Filmed and Written by Edd Butterworth

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