MESSE 2015: Antelope Introduces MP8d Mic Pre

New Mic Pre joins other drool-worthy Antelope herd      29/04/15

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It has to be said, Antelope Audio makes some of the most luscious audio tech on the planet.
If I had just one of the items Marcel James had on display at Messe, I'd be a happy camper - a whole rack of them... well, let's just say I was eyeing the distance to the door and figuring how fast I could run carrying it ;-]

New addition at the show was the MP8d 8-channel mic pre with built-in A/D convertion.

It has a whole bunch more, such as AES; MADI, ADAT, TOSLINK, S/PDIF... and oh yeah, it's also a Master Clock Device with 2 Word Clock outputs.
Probably gives a great massage and makes tea too.

The MP8d was sitting on the top of a rack including...

SATORI - Monitor Controller
PURE 2 - 2-ch AD/DA converter and master clock
ORION 32 - 32-ch AD/DA converter
MP32 - 32-ch Mic pre

Marcel explained how they all work together to form an entire audio ecosystem - more info here:-


Andy McCreeth



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