Moog Suspend Analog Delay Production Due To Chip Shortage

MF104M pedals require rare BBD chip      13/05/15

Moog Suspend Analog Delay Production Due To Chip Shortage

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Production of the Moog MF104M Analog Delay pedal, part of the MoogerFooger range has been immediately suspended due to a shortage of the BBD (bucket brigade delay) chip. Moog are working hard to source more of these rare chips, if they find them, all well and good, but if not a limited run will be made until all stocks are gone.

If you still want some analog delay action, there are other alternatives from Moog - the MF-Delay Minifooger pedal and the 500 Series Analog Delay, which are both in stock at authorized Moog dealers.

The BBD sound is unique, while not giving the extended delay times available through digital methods, the sound of a BBD being pushed to its limits gives that authentic degrading sound many crave.

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