The Roland System 1M Meets The Vintage System 100m

People have started to receive the System 1M      19/05/15

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Roland have made a lot of people very happy by re-entering the modular market. With people exclaiming that this is a new "golden era" for the company.

When the original System 1 was released just over a year ago, a lot of people's first comments were that that the keyboard let it down, the sound of the synth was good, and the sound of the plug outs too, but people could just not get over the key-bed. In the System 1M the keyboard is completely removed and CV I/O is added.

The System 1M was released on May 8th in the US and it seems that YouTube user 'zibbybone' received his just 4 days later! In this video 'zibbybone' pits the brand new System 1M against an original System 100m.

But if that is not enough System 1M here are some more video from around the web exploring the sound capabilities of the System 1M.




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