Automatic Mixdown Software

Auphonic Multitrack Processor for Mac and Windows analyzes and processes your tracks      01/06/15

Automatic Mixdown Software

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Auphonic a young audio software company from Austria has just released their Auphonic Multitrack Processor for Mac and Windows. This is how they describe it...

Auphonic Multitrack takes multiple input audio tracks, analyzes and processes them individually as well as combined and creates the final mixdown automatically.

Leveling, dynamic range compression, gating, noise and hum reduction, crosstalk removal, ducking and filtering can be applied automatically according to the analysis of each track.

Loudness normalization (EBU R128, ATSC A/85, Mobile, ...) and true peak limiting is used on the final mixdown.

All included algorithms were trained with data from our web service ( and they keep learning and adapting to new audio signals every day.

Pricing and Availability:

A free 5-day trial version is available.
Personal (non-commercial) License: 69€ or $89
Commercial License: 299€ or $349

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