SSL Plug-Ins For Less

Special offers announced on the SSL X-EQ and X-Verb Duende Native Plug-ins      15/06/15

SSL Plug-Ins For Less

Buying Choices

SSL tells us that, for a limited time only, SSL X-EQ and X-Verb Duende Native Plug-ins are available at a very special price of £59 each (Normally £179 and £220 respectively). They say that X-EQ takes versatility to a new level with 10 parametric bands that can each be set to a different tonal characteristic and that X-Verb is the reverb plug-in with the amazing detail and depth of professional studio hardware.

Pricing and Availability:

£59. Offer ends 9am UK time (GMT) 29th June 2015.

Available only via the SSL web store.

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