8 Historical Steinway Pianos

Sound Magic releases Mega Steinway collection      19/06/15

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Sound Magic tells us that Mega Steinway is a collection of 8 great pianos which has a   significant position in Steinway's history. They say that they represent the famous "Steinway singing tone" that many musicians are familiar with. A spokesperson had this to say...

"During 3 years development, we used modeling technology to make it true. There were many big obstacles we faced, such as not being able to fully sample 88 keys due to an instrument's condition, but, after we overcome them, we successfully captured their harmonics (pianos have 15 harmonics) and dynamics. And based on this valuable information, we built a mathematic model for each piano, then used hybrid modeling technology to shape the timbre and dynamic that best fit the model. With this most comprehensive and detailed piano collection, you will feel that you are experiencing the history of Steinway pianos' development and know more about the true meaning of Steinway sound. You will clearly hear the improved dynamics from 19th century to the beginning of 21st century. Also you will find out how the timbre changes through 160 years. This special collection will help you and inspire your music."

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