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Acustica Audio releases Honey plug-in      19/06/15

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Acustica Audio has launched the Honey channel strip. They say that Honey is intended for professional audio use in recording, mixing and mastering applications.

A spokesperson had this to say about it, "This plug-in is carefully crafted from the EQ channel module and output stage of a prestigious '70s console. Honey provides four overlapping proportional-Q peaking bands. Each band has fully sweepable frequency and Gain controls and an EQ in/out switch. The low and high bands can be switched from peak to shelf mode, and also the celebrated high/low pass filters of the original console are available. Finally, to add some extra color and warmth, preamp and VCA/Output stages can be inserted in the signal path. Additional 'digital only' features not present in the original hardware include input trim, Input/Output meters and a global power switch."

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