Control Mac GarageBand From Your iPhone

Delora gbXRemote iPhone Controller App for GarageBand is now available      24/06/15

Control Mac GarageBand From Your iPhone

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Harmony Systems, Inc. has announced the worldwide availability of Delora gbXRemote, an application for the iPhone or iPod touch that functions as a remote controller for the Apple GarageBand music application.  gbXRemote provides mobility for controlling the latest version of GarageBand on the Mac. Here's what the company has to say about it...

Features & Benefits

  • gbXRemote offers common transport functions - Play, Record, Stop, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Beginning - as well as Cycle and Metronome toggles. Select a track, mute or solo it, and adjust its volume. Edit EQ parameters for each track.  Real time bar-beat and time displays let you know where you're at, and the current track name is displayed.
  • Layouts adapt optimally to different iPhone and iPod touch screen sizes, including the iPhone 6 Plus.  Two coloring styles - black and silver - are switchable from the iOS Settings app.
  • gbXRemote makes music creation more productive and allows control of GarageBand from anywhere in the studio within Wi-Fi coverage.  This flexibility is particularly valuable in recording situations.

Simple Setup
gbXRemote uses OSC (Open Sound Control) control surface support to communicate with GarageBand.  No other apps, agent programs or plug-ins are required.  All that's needed is a Wi-Fi connection to the Mac where GarageBand is installed. Setup takes just a few seconds to establish an initial connection.

About Harmony Systems
Harmony Systems, Inc., maker of Delora Software, serves the professional and casual musician by enhancing the tools to create electronic music compositions.  It has provided innovative products to the personal computer marketplace and the music and recording industry for over 30 years.  Today, Harmony Systems, Inc. offers a line of control surface applications for music production products for use on the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch.  It also offers Mac applications that enhance Symbolic Sound's Kyma X sound design system.

Pricing and Availability:
gbXRemote is available for a limited time at the special introductory pricing of $2.99 on the App Store. It requires an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 8.3 or higher, and GarageBand for Mac v.10.0.3 or higher.

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