Cymru Beats 15: AJH Synth Mini Mod - Model D For All

And how the Ladder filter sound was made in error...      29/06/15

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AJH Synth Mini Mod series bring the legendary Model D circuits from the early Mini Moog MK 1 and created a range of modules to put it in the Eurorack." A full Model D in 3U" is how they put it.

  • VCO - Oscillator
  • VCF - filter
  • VCA- amplifier
  • Dual Contour - Envelopes
  • Glide -Noise
At this weekend's Cymru Beats modular meet in Cardiff - we spoke to AJH himself (that's Allan not Andrew - sorry!) about the design and features.
Modules are priced from Silver VCO £245, Filter £195, VCA £145,  Glide- Noise £155 - they are also now available in a dark module, with different knob caps.



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