Podcast: Sonic TALK 409 - Post Glasto Kanye Come Down

LFO the movie, AJH Synth Mini Mod, Scope art      02/07/15

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71:11 mins



RX4 Box
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Gaz returns from Glastonbury, the scene of Kanye's gig, Robbie only just made his gig in London, we talk stage monitoring, AJH Synth Mini Mod Moog Model D Eurorack, LFO the movie, Jerobeam Fenderson's Scope Art Kickstarter and FACT Magazine's Against The Clock series.


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5:00 Gaz Glastonbury, Robbie gig nightmare
9:20 Stage monitoring
23:25 iZotope Ozone Competition - win Ozone
26:05 AJH Synth Mini Mod - Model D Euroack clone
37:37 LFO the movie
46:40 Chris Squire of Yes
49:20 Jereboam Fenderson Scope Art
55:55 FACT Magazine's Against the Clock

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