Hands On With The WMD Monolith System

Keyboard case loaded with WMD modules      22/07/15

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The WMD Monolith is a self contained fully modular Eurorack synth complete with 3 octave keyboard, 25 patch cables and power supply. Designed to provide a fully functional, yet completely modular synthesizer (no normalization). It comes loaded with WMD modules:


  • Keyscan V/Oct
  • 2 Oscillators
  • Wavefolder
  • Filter - 4-Pole Mosfet low pass filter
  • Toolbox - Utility module
  • Buffered Mults
  • S.P.O
  • Quad Attenuator
  • Function Generator
  • LVLS output module
  • 2x ADSR VCAs
  • Discrete VCA

In this video via Matthew Williamson, Alex gives us an overview of patching the Monolith.

The monolith is available at $2600




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