Rank Your Favourite Synth Movie Soundtrack

Here's a few to chew on      23/07/15

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Funny how film soundtracks seem to have more cultural resonance than the massive body of music that there is to showcase the huge contribution of synthesizers to a generation of music lovers. We put together this (by no means comprehensive list) of classic or groundbreaking bodies of work.

One things for sure, the scope of emotion and atmosphere that can be created with electronic instruments is astonishing.

There are truly some heavyweights in here, clouded by our own preferences of course, Wendy Carlos, John Carpenter, Vangelis, Trent Resnor - are but a few. But what the heck, why not vote your favourite, we'll be very interested to see the results.

Feel free to add your own in the comments, we know we will have missed one or two.




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