RealiDrums - A New Concept In Drum Libraries

Emphasis is on speed of workflow and an innovative Groove Generator      24/11/15

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Realitone believes that their new RealiDrums, which they describe as a new concept in drum libraries is the biggest and best-sounding drum collection you can buy. It features 42 different Snares (actual snare drums, not 42 "mix settings"), 7 different kicks, 11 hi hats, 24 rides, 33 crash cymbals, plus sidesticks and percussion elements. All drums have 4 mix settings each, from close mic to arena rock.

The interface is designed with work flow and speed in mind, and Realtone claims that they honestly don't think any other drum library is this fast to work with. Also innovative is the Groove Generator -a much more musical way to work than traditional MIDI loops, that is said to be flexible, very intuitive, and a ton of fun.  

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory price: $199.95 (usually $299)

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