Sonic LAB: Universal Audio Apollo 8P Hardware

UA's latest hardware gets tested      02/12/15

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Buying Choices

Our resident Universal Audio user Tosh from Wij Productions, has been evaluating the new new Universal Audio Apollo hardware. The model he's been checking out is the Apollo 8P - which has 8 of the new Unison capable mic preamps on board.

The new new Thunderbolt only hardware comes in three variants - the Apollo 8 which has four Unison mic preamps and can be bought in DUO or Quad DSP version, the Apollo 8P with Quad DSP (featured here) and the Apollo 16  Quad Core- which features 16 analog inputs and output on D-Type connectors for hooking up larger channel counts and external outboard.

As Tosh is a user of the original Apollo interface, he puts the two side by side to see what the differences are. Special thanks to Mark Whitlam for playing the drums on the session.

Files for comparison:

Apollo Quad Drums
Apollo 8P Drums

The new UAD Apollo series are available now.

Apollo 8 DUO
US$ 2,499 MSRP/1,999 MAP
€ 2,567
£ 1,619

Apollo 8 QUAD
US$ 2,999 MSRP/2,499 MAP
€ 3,208
£ 1,989
Apollo 8p
US$ 3,699 MSRP/2,999 MAP
€ 3,848
£ 2,379
Apollo 16
US$ 3,699 MSRP/2,999 MAP
€ 3,848
£ 2,369


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