Three New EuroRack Modules From Intellijel

µMIDI, Dixie II+ and Polaris are in stores now      07/12/15

Three New EuroRack Modules From Intellijel

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Intellijel has announced three new modules, µMIDI, Dixie II+ and Polaris. Here's their description...

    µMIDI – An easy to use USB and DIN MIDI interface with clock sync and voice control outputs. Built with an ARM core for tight timing and easy firmware updates.

    Dixie II+ – An expanded Dixie II with 8-position octave switch, suboctave out,  a special new hard sync, and more control over FM and PWM.

    Polaris – A versatile voltage controlled filter / phaser with 27 filter modes and asymmetric distortion.


Pricing and Availability:

$229 each.

Available from Analogue Haven and other retailers.

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