303-Style Virtual Instrument With 9 Filters

G-Sonique releases ALIEN303 V2 acid and bassline machine for Windows      16/12/15

303-Style Virtual Instrument With 9 Filters

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G-Sonique has released ALIEN303 V2, an update to their original after more than 7 years. A spokesperson had this to say about it...

"Alien 303 V1 became synonymous of perfect fast and stable bassline synthesizer for Psytrance, Trance, and all EDM styles as well as new kind of acid synthesizer just in one machine. It was relatively easy synth, but with a big sound. Now, you can enjoy much more features, fatter more precious sound and more sound creation possibilities. With 2 oscillators you can create even bigger basslines, more styles of bass perfect for Full-On Psytrance, GoaTrance, Dark Psy, Psycore or HiTech as well as trance, house, techno and all EDM styles.You can select between two modes, classic stable and analog with slight detuning and analog style of sound. While Alien 303 V1 had just one filter, V2 has 9 Filters! You can select from 14 oscillator waveforms, rotate oscillator phases, choose semitones and more. Alien 303 V2 is an acid and bassline beast, ready for 21st century!"


  • 2x Oscillator with following waveforms and mwaodes: An.Saw,D.Saw,Saw HB,Saw DB, An.Ramp,D.Ramp,D.Square,Square,Pulse, Multipulse 1, Multipulse 2, Multisaw 1, Multisaw 2, Vintage saw -with fine-tune, octave and semitone settings, phase and volume knob
  • Analog or/ Normal (Digital) oscillator mode
  • 9 types of filters (G-Low pass, Low pass, Vintage analog low pass, 303 Low pass, High pass, G-High pass, Bandpass, G-Band pass, Peaking) - with Cutoff and Resonance knobs
  • Amp and Filter envelope with attack, decay, sustain, envelope amount knob + Cutoff envelope multiplier
  • Unison/ Chorus effect: Rate, Depth, Pre-Delay, Mix knobs
  • Pin-pong delay: Delay, Feed, Mix knobs
  • Portamento knob, Mono/Poly mode selector
  • Preset manager with 55 presets (22 Acid lead presets useable for all EDM styles, 33 Bass presets for Psytrance, Darkpsy, Goa trance, Hitech, Psycore, Trance, House, Techno, and all EDM styles)

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Introductory price for first 100 customers: 16.90 Eur only

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