NAMM 2016: Doepfer Vintage Analog Modules

Vintage Editions of A-100 Modules will be available soon      21/01/16

NAMM 2016: Doepfer Vintage Analog Modules

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Doepfer tells us that typical modules required to build a vintage analog modular synthesizer will be available from March 2016 in a special Vintage Edition. The vintage versions of the modules are equipped with black front panels and white printing. Special vintage knobs with a glossy black body and a metal disc at the top are used.

So far for these modules vintage versions are planned:

  • A-110-1 Standard VCO
  • A-110-2 Basic VCO
  • A-114 Ring Modulator
  • A-118 Noise/Random
  • A-120 24dB Transistor Ladder Lowpass Filter
  • A-132-3 Dual Linear/Exponential VCA
  • A-138 Mixer
  • A-140 ADSR
  • A-147-2 VCDLFO
  • A-148 S&H/T&H
  • A-180-2 2x4 Multiple
  • A-190-3 USB/MIDI-to-CV/Gate Interface

More modules will be available as vintage editions during the next few months. The sequencer module series will probably be next (A-154, A-155, A-156).

Also another special vintage version of the A-106-5 (cream-colored front panel and black knobs) will be available from March 2016.

Doepfer are also considering offering the black panels and vintage style knobs as spare parts. This would allow users to modify their existing modules

Pricing and Availability:
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