Robotic Research Gives The Drummer A Third Arm

Just the thing . Probably      23/02/16

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As modern tech rushes headlong to create augmented reality and robotic assistants, this research by Georgia Institute of Research Technology, thinks somewhat outside the box by providing an extra arm for drummers.

Its called the Shirt Control and provides an extra shoulder mounted  robotic arm for the drummer to play and additional drum or cymbal. It looks a bit weird, granted but the tech that means it can play millisecond accuracy is interesting.

It does this (we think) by learning what the rest of your body is doing via sensors and then augments that with timed actions based on the rhythm of that movement - pretty nifty.

Also we can't help but think perhaps it could also be useful as a drink holder, enabling the traditionally hedonistic drummer (stereotype we know) to continue enjoying the beverage of their choice, whilst drumming. But perhaps thats a bit frivolous. Extra pair of hands for playing pads while using the other two on your keyboard setup? Moving the mic for occasional vocals?

As the brilliant minds continue to look for problems for their new technology to solve, we can expect to see more of this kind of thing. One of these days, we'll all go "That is just brilliant - I need it in my life" but perhaps for now, its got a little way to go.



Thanks to David Spivey for the spot.




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