Connect Any MIDI Instrument Wirelessly

The MIDI Thing (TMT) is a MIDI over Bluetooth wireless bridge for Mac or iOS      02/03/16

Connect Any MIDI Instrument Wirelessly

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Subject of a new Kickstarter campaign, The MIDI Thing (TMT) is a bridge device that connects any of your MIDI instruments wirelessly to your mac or iOS device. It is the first device to fully comply with Bluetooth LE MIDI specification recently released by the MIDI Manufacturers Association(MMA).

TMT will appear on your device as any other MIDI instrument so you will be able to use it within your favourite music app. The designers say that, although Android M is supporting MIDI over Bluetooth LE, there is not any reliable app to make use of it and at the moment they can only guarantee compatibility with Apple devices.

The following short clip demos the TMT device.

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See Kickstarter page.

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