Vladimir Kuzman Talks Polivoks

It was a Russian military brutal synthesizer. Brutal male sounds.      04/03/16

Vladimir Kuzman Talks Polivoks

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The Russian Polivioks synhthesizer has a certain cache, the cyrillic, impenetrable front panel, the aggressive, unpredictable sounds and unusual filter means it can make sounds that are hard to find anywhere else.

There's also something about the construction, the weird types of plastic used and the sharp edges give it a sort of militaristic vibe which makes it like no other instrument.

A classic demo by Jexus from Synthezatory.net.pl

Redbull Music Academy have just published an interview with the engineer behind its design Vladimir Kuzman, which goes into the social and background of its manufacture, fascinating read.

"Every musician who uses the Polivoks finds something for their music... In some cases, I myself don't understand how they achieve certain sounds."

"It was a Russian military brutal synthesizer. Brutal male sounds. You need to hear it obviously, but it looks like a tank with custom knobs."

Kuzman goes into the background and birth of the Polivoks with some fascinating insight into the socio-economics of the era from which it came A jolly good read.




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