Stereo Delay For iPhone And iPad

Numerical Audio's RP-1 integrates with everything      23/03/16

Stereo Delay For iPhone And iPad

Numerical Audio has announced the release of RP-1, described as a highly flexible stereo delay for iPhone and iPad that integrates with everything from Audiobus over Inter-App Audio to AudioUnit Hosts and, of course, Ableton Link. They say that RP-1 comes with a solid standalone application that makes real-time effects processing as simple as connecting a USB Audio Interface or singing into the internal Microphone.


  • Two independent delay sections with flexible routing options and effect bypass
  • Long Delay for Echo type effects
  • Short Delay for Chorus, Vibrato & Flanger effects (Mod Frequency from 0.1hz - 10hz)
  • Lowpass and Highpass Filter
  • Delay times from 10ms to 2000ms in free mode
  • Delay times for 1/32th to 4bars when tempo synced
  • Tempo Sync via AU Host or Ableton Link
  • Tap Tempo and Manual Tempo
  • Normal, Dotted and Triplet mode
  • True Stereo Processing
  • Stereo Spread
  • Standalone operation with Mic Input or USB Audio
  • Audio Unit Extension
  • Inter App Audio support
  • Audiobus support
  • Ableton Link support


  • iOS9+
  • iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Pricing and Availability:
RP-1 (Universal Application) is available now for $5.99 in the US. Apple AppStore and priced similarly in other regions around the world.

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