Sonic TALK: Bana Haffar and Eric Cheslak

LA based modular artists      24/03/16

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40:25 mins

This week we chat to Bana Hafar and Eric Cheslak (aka Rodent516) from their LA based modular studio.

Bana is a classically trained musician, with many years of professional bass playing to her name. Relatively new to modular, she first came to our attention for the Moog Mother 32 launch videos, which featured various artists playing a more gentle ambient style. Her track "Liquid Light, Solid Motion" was featured.

Eric is a professional skate photographer with a passion for modular synthesis, his monumentally large system has been built up over several years, he also helps test and develop modules.

Together, they put on Modular On The Spot - creating impromptu, modular only, outdoor events -  off-grid, generator powered in various locations in the LA area.

If you want to attend, you'll need to follow them on instagram - links below.



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