Max For Live Drum Sampler

Cluster Sound releases Drum Brain      13/04/16

Max For Live Drum Sampler

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Cluster Sound has released Drum Brain, a Max For Live drum sampler, which they say is designed from the start to radically simplify the access to its built-in array of samples. They say that, thanks to the dynamic Sample Selector and the advanced Randomizer, Drum Brain allows to instantly find and load the right sound and to randomize the samples of specific categories. Here's more details in Cluster Sound's own words...

The drums can be mangled with a powerful set of parameters including 8 different filters with cutoff and resonance controls, a Pitch Envelope sections and a super robust Sample Start-Length system with reverse, smoothing and truncation features, specifically designed for drum sounds. Drum Brain can also import external samples, implements a Device Auto Renaming (very useful when placed into a Drum Rack) and is fully mapped for Push.

The included cutting-edge sample array delivers tons of rugged kicks, sturdy snares, sparkly hats, deep lofills, exotic vocoder FX, bubbling glitches, edgy shatters, noises, one shot synths & basses, and the list could go on and on. We have stressed modular synthesizers, hacked drum machines, coded custom softwares, sampled radio signals and shaped noises by using state-of-art studio gears and refined sound design techniques. The result is a brilliant collection of top notch drums that achieve maximum impact at the highest possible quality.


  • Size : 1.2 Gigabytes
  • 6000 One-shot drum samples (24 Bits / 96 Khz)
  • Import external samples
  • Sample Selector/Randomizer
  • Drum-Optimized Start/Length System
  • Multimode Filter Section (LP - HP - BP - BS)
  • Pitch + Pitch Envelope Section
  • Device Auto Renaming
  • Host : Ableton Live 9.5 + Max for Live 7

Pricing and Availability:
69.00 €

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