Hans Zimmer On Tour - Orchestra and All

Arena tour in Europe now      26/04/16

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Hans Zimmer is probably the most successful film composer of our era. his list of film credits is huge. If you are making any kind of hollywood blockbuster, his number is most likely the one you dial first.

His blend of electronics and orchestral is something special. Indeed, his collection of synthesizers is also the stuff of legend. Who'd have thought he'd take it out on tour? He says, "I spent my whole life terrified of being on stage" and has now decided to do something about it in the form of this arena tour. There's probably a more cost effective way to get therapy, but lucky for us he's chosen to take the bull by the horns and face his fears.

Mr Zimmer and his orchestra, plus special guests are playing some of the tunes from many of his massive film scores all around Europe this Spring/Summer. For a full list of dates check his website - there are still tickets available in some venues


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