Moogfest 2016: Synthrotek and Mattson Modular

From the Modular marketplace      06/06/16

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Moogfest this year offered an embarrassment of riches, with performers from all over the world showcasing their unique talents and points of view. Moog also dropped the bomb of the reissue of the Minimoog Model D in a limited production run produced at the Moog popup factory at the show.

Sonicstate contributor Katie Kilobyte was there and grabbed a couple of pieces from the Modular Marketplace, where various manufactors were showing their latest products. We have new modules from Mattson Mini Modular who are now working with with Synthrotek in kit form. These should be available soon via Synthotek. First two are the Filter and VCO modules.

George has taken the opportunity to add a few new features to the modules - 2 pole and 3pole taps for the filter and Pulse Width for the VCO.

George says the new Kits are going to be easy build, allowing folks to get into the DIY world without too much prior knowledge required.

While we;re on the subject of Syntrhotek - Katie also caught up with Steve Harman of Synthrotek from the synth hotspot of Portland Oregon. Steve wanted to let us know about a new series of modules they have available:

1u and 3U modules, cases, rails and power solutions. You can buy parts or complete kits and fully constructed modules.

Steve takes us through the range. Which includes their new MIDI CV modules for extra configuration.




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