Hear What This Teen Can Do With Moog's BFAM

Another custom DIY synth from Moogfest      17/06/16

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At Moogfest this , the BFAM (Brother From Another Mother) was a custom design built at a series of workshops, introduced in the same way that the Werkstatt was - which in some part lead to the production of the Mother 32.

In this track "Oh Brother" the young synthesist Spaceprodigi, (we think 16/17) " only used the Moog BFAM synth that I built at Moogfest 2016, and some drum samples from the Tempest. This was recorded, mixed, and DIY Mastered by me. :)"

The BFAM is a custom design offered at the Moogfest VIP Engineer workshops, built by attendees.

its a Eurorack module with a complete synth voice (Tri/SAW/Pulse) and an 8 step sequencer with 16 patch points. Not commercially available, but you never know...




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