Polyphonic Transient Processing Plug-In

atomictransient for Mac and Windows detects notes of polyphonic instruments      04/07/16

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Molecularbytes tells us that atomictransient is a polyphonic multichannel transient effect plugin which processes not only percussion and drums. They say that detected notes of solo or polyphonic instruments like guitar- and piano-recordings or complete mixes can be adjusted with filter-effects, common dynamics or an innovative new ADSR-overwrite.

A spokesperson told us, "atomictransient is the world's first polyphonic transient tool - you can reshape your instruments as easy as you do with your synthesizer!"


  • Transient detection with input filter
  • 3 indepentent processing channels
  • Monophonic and polyphonic processing
  • ADSR envelope and LFO-Filter effects
  • Channel mixer with output filter
  • Graphical live displays to visualize signal, processing and signal's ADSR
  • Input and output level meter
  • Gain and auto-gain modificators
  • Moderate CPU usage (up to 100 instances possible)
  • MIDI controlling + integrated MIDI learn
  • Multipurpose factory presets
  • Preset-browser, user- and factory-preset grouping, copy & paste presets to clipboard
  • A/B program comparison
  • Resizable user interface and two different skins
  • Executable standalone-application (Windows only)

Pricing and Availability:
129 Euros

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