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First in a collection of free plug-ins from the online marketplace for musicians      14/07/16

Buying Choices - the online marketplace for musicians to buy and sell music gear - announced that it will begin offering a curated collection of free plugins through the new Reverb SYNC. They tell us that the collection features Reverb SOLO - a free one-knob reverb plugin born from the first partnership between Acon Digital and and designed to provide beautiful, simple reverb. They say that, over the next few months, will continue to add new free and exclusive plugins from top creators. The company tells us that the expanded focus on software and plugins comes as a natural extension of the marketplace and its mission to help musicians get the gear and resources they need to make the music they love.

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Exploration is part of being a musician. The creative process is all about the freedom to experiment -- finding the perfect effect/amp combination for your instrument, or the happy accidents you end up with when you try something completely new.

In that spirit, today we're launching Reverb SYNC -- a destination for music makers to find and download some of the best music software and plugins out there. With SYNC, we want to make computer music a possibility for everybody.

If you've never used your computer for recording or music production, Reverb SYNC is for you -- we'll be providing guides to picking the right recording program, getting your recording up and running, installing music plugins, and completing demos from the comfort of your own home.

If you've got a little experience with making music on a computer, but find yourself overwhelmed by how much information is out there, we've got you covered there too. SYNC is launching with a handpicked selection of some of our favorite plugins, to help you get started. We'll be adding more plugins all the time -- including exclusives like Reverb SOLO, a one-knob reverb plugin designed by Acon Digital to make reverb one of the easiest parts of your mix.

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