Stekker 2016: Sie Medway-Smith Interview

A veteran of Studio Stekker, Sie talks us through what keeps him coming back      25/08/16

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Sie Medway-Smith got his feet in the door of the music industry as a tape op in Milo Studios, working his way up the ranks quickly to become in-house sound engineer and mix and mastering engineer, before going freelance and really making a name for himself.

Along the way Sie has released a number of his own productions on major labels including Warners, Atlantic and more. He has worked with many different artists including Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Bjork, Massive Attack and Gang of Four, in a variety of different ranging from Producer, Mixer, Mastering engineer, programmer and writer.

This is the third year that Sie has been at Studio Stekker and we were interested to find out what keeps him coming back and his approach to making the most of the creative opportunities of Studio Stekker.

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