Free Ring Modulator For Reaktor Blocks

Amazing Machines says their AM106 takes Audio and CV Mangling to a whole new level      30/09/16

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AM106 Ring Modulator for Reaktor Blocks [FREE] from Amazing Machines on Vimeo.

Amazing Machines tells us that, as part of their 5th anniversary celebration, they've just released the FREE AM106 Ring Modulator for Reaktor Blocks. They say that AM106 takes Audio and CV Mangling to a whole new level. AM106 is an advanced Ring Modulator, with features such as Dry / Wet Mix Control, Polarity Flip Switches and Continuously Variable X Axis Curves.


  • 1 Reaktor Block
  • Continuously Variable X Axis Curve Control (Crossfades between Exponential, Linear and Logarithmic Curves)
  • Polarity Flip Switches
  • Bypass Switch
  • Dry / Wet Mix Control



Native Instruments' Reaktor 6.0.1 or newer (Full Version).

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