Plug-In Creation Platform Goes live

QUBIQ releases new struQture music software product      26/01/17

Plug-In Creation Platform Goes live

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QUBIQ has announced the release of struQture. They tell us that struQture is a technology platform for companies and individuals needing a best-in-class audio engine for their next music product. They say that struQture can build virtual instruments, monetize a content library, support a hardware line, individualize a game and much, much more. This is the story in their own words...

After just under a year of skunk works development, we are excited to publicly announce QUBIQ and our new music software product struQture.

If you're a sound designer, musician, DJ, plugin developer, record company exec, or just somebody who likes to record strange, beautiful or nasty sounds in your spare time, then struQture may a great fit for you.
struQture is a solution for making money on existing or new content libraries (samples, stems, loops, beats). It does this by taking in your content and building a copy protected VST, AU, AAX and standalone plugin that can load into any DAW like Logic, ProTools, Live, StudioOne, FruityLoops, etc.

Your plugin can have your own company name, custom graphics, and interface functionality. It's also copy protected so you don't have to worry about piracy. After your plugin is built, Qubiq helps you market and sell it by getting it on to the Gobbler subscription marketplace, an online collaboration and sales venue for the pro-audio community.

The struQture synth is quite powerful. In short, it's a full blown synthesizer that supports sampling, virtual analog, FM, wavetable synth types, a huge array of effects and filters and a modular system of real time modulation sources. It also has players like arpeggiators, sequencers, XY pad, etc. Qubiq clients get free use of the struQture Editor to import their samples and program their synth patches. You can also view and test your final plugin here.

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