Wanna Buy An Improved Rhythm Wolf?

User modded unit adds features that may be should have been      24/02/17

Wanna Buy An Improved Rhythm Wolf?

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Ebayer jumbuk_studio is selling a modified Akai Rhythm Wolf - as you may know it didn't get too much love from reviewers and users due to a few, ah shortcomings. But it's fair to say that as with most things, it's never quite the full story.

Indeed here's a demo by TheTrackDriver suggesting that you can use it creatively, as with most things.

Back to the Ebay Auction - this  Rhythm Wolf has had several modifications which one could argue improves the unit considerably:

  • The standard Wolf just has two mono outputs - one each for the drum mix and the bass synth.  I added four separate outputs for the drums.  Now you can feed the drums into your mixer and get a proper stereo mix, and treat each drum separately - maybe a dub echo on the snare and some flanging on the hats.

  • The standard Wolf just has one knob for hat decay - affecting both the closed and open hats.  I added a separate knob for the open hat (the grey knob in the picture).  This greatly adds to the hat flexibility.

  • The Howl distortion knob is ridiculous on the standard Wolf - it just turns everything into a mush of distortion, even at the low settings.  I added a resistor across the pot terminals to reduce the sensitivity at low settings.  It's still too harsh, but at least it can be tamed.

Although the seller is based in Australia...

Thanks to John P Shea for the tip


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