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Gospel Musicians releases Neo-Soul Keys Studio      07/03/17

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Gospel Musicians tell us that Neo-Soul Keys Studio is the newest iteration of their Neo-Soul Keys versions. They say that it is a standalone sample library plugin (VST/AU/AAX/Standalone) and features a brand new sample engine using the highest DFD streaming algorithms. It also contains all of Overloud's VKFX keyboard FX suite built in. A spokesperson told us, "These amazing effects are also included as a separate FX rack plugin that can be used in your DAW to process audio. So essentially, Neo-Soul Keys Studio is two products in one (Effect Rack and Sounds). The thing that has made Neo-Soul Keys so successful is our painstaking attention to the mechanical parts of the electric piano, which we feel, adds to the character and authenticity of an electromechanical  piano."

George Duke has used Gospel Musicians electric pianos live and had this to say, "I also incorporated one called Neo-Soul Suitcase, because that has a little more grit and meat on it for certain types of sounds. There's another that's pretty smooth, and it's also a Scarbee thing but it's toned down; it doesn't have a lot of attack. As a matter a fact, I'm using that sound on "Brazilian Love Affair." When I go into playing more funk, I might use Neo-Soul Keys, which has a lot of attack...." (Keyboard Magazine, Aug. 2013)"

What's New from the Other Versions?

  • 42 New Electric Pianos
  • 26 New Mechanical FX
  • Featuring Overloud's Vintage Keyboard FX suite integrated as the main FX.
  • Overloud's Vintage Keyboard FX included as a separate dedicated FX rack for your DAW
  • FX Racks can be moved to change the effect's signal routing.
  • Optimized CPU and loading with extra attention to Logic Pro and Mainstage
  • Optimize preset system with better saving options and a search function
  • Much larger HD GUI screen for better viewing (1000x780)
  • Simple serial number authorization**
  • New vintage modeled Master Limiter with a smooth and transparent soft limit and tube saturation.
  • Keyboard Follow (K.Follow) for Decay
  • Self Contained Plugin - No Free Player Required
  • Resizable GUI (85% View for Smaller Laptops)

Highlights and Features:

  • Available for VST/AU/AAX/Standalone
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7+ and OSX 10.7.5+
  • 21GB of High Quality Samples
  • 88 Distinct Electric Piano Timbres
  • 60 Dedicated Mechanical FX
  • 126 High Quality Presets
  • All of the VKFX Vintage Effects from Overloud
  • VKFX Included as Standalone FX to use in your DAW
  • 18 High quality AMP Sims

Pricing and Availability:
Neo-Soul Keys Studio's regular price is $199.99, but will be on sale for an introductory price of only $79.99. Existing Neo-Soul Keys customers can crossgrade for $39.99. Sale ends March 20th.

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