Drum Machines Sampled Through A Big Club PA

Soniccouture releases Electro-Acoustic: Studio Drum Machines Kontakt instrument      12/04/17

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Soniccouture has released what they say is an 18 month labour of love, Electro-Acoustic, based on the idea: 'What if we mic up drum machines in a pro studio with a big club PA?'. They describe it as a really creative, different and flexible instrument which offers a new angle on classic drum machine sounds and has 14GB of sample data.

A spokesperson told us, "SC took a full club PA to two different professional studios, and turned up the volume, and recorded the results. The instrument has a totally flexible interface allows the user to mix vintage preamps, acoustic drum resonances, PA & room mics with the original drum machine sounds."

• 15 vintage drum machines
• 11 Studio channels: mics, preamps PA speakers
• 14GB Library
• 150+ Preset Kits
• 3 creative sequencers: Euclidean Beats, Beat Shifter, Poly Beats
• Kontakt Player + NKS compatible

Pricing and Availability:

€149 | $179

INTRO OFFER: GET $20 | €20 OFF ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC until 1st May 2017

Simply go to Soniccouture.com, add  to your cart and ENTER CODE:WOWKHHTT

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