Intricate Sound Mangling Made Easy

Inear Display's Amalgame multi-FX streamlines creating complex signal processing chains      27/07/17

Intricate Sound Mangling Made Easy

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Inear Display has released Amalgame which they describe as a multi-effect plugin that aims to streamline the creation of complex signal processing chains. A spokesperson told us, "Offering an intuitive workflow with all the functions easily accessible and logically laid out, Amalgame makes mutating sounds beyond recognition a breeze."

Amalgame provides a library of 23 effects ranging from bread and butter filters and delays to more esoteric and glitchy processors, which are always accessible and ready to be dropped on 6 XY pads where their key parameters are mapped to each axis.

The X and Y parameters of each pad can be sequenced from within the plugin with independent rate and length for each sequence giving you, says Inear Display, the opportunity to create insanely complex modulations in a few clicks. They tell us that, for an instant creativity boost, a versatile randomizer lets you alter the parameters, sequences and effect selections of any slot, or even regenerate the whole processing chain at the press of a button.

Pricing and Availability:
Available now at the introductory price of 39€ (+VAT) - sale ends August 4 2017

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