Are You Going To Knobcon 2017?

Knobcon Number 6 Sept 8-10 Chicagoland      23/08/17

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Back for its 6th year, Knobcon is a classic hotel based Conference dedicated to all things synthesizer. Organised by the inimitable Suit & Tie Guy of STG Designs, its grown be one of the go-to events in the US.

Complete with live music, workshops exhibitors and vendors, Knobcon give you a fully immersive experience. Held just outside Chicago IL at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, the entire event takes place under one roof.

If you are interested in electronic-based or experimental music and the tools used to create it, Knobcon is the place for you. The diversity and passion of the Knobcon experience make it enjoyable for all experience levels.

Guest of honour this year is Mr Tom Oberheim, Tom will be speaking at the annual Knobcon Banquet as well as taking part in a live question-and-answer session hosted by Knobcon organiser Suit & Tie Guy.

Admission for all 3 days is $50 at the door, $40 online during the month of August.
The Knobcon Banquet featuring Tom Oberheim's keynote address is an add on to the standard admission. $50 per person, limited seating available.

For a full list of exhibitors, tickets, travel and accommodation info head over to


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