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Numerical Audio releases VC-1 vintage voiced chorus      07/09/17

Chorus FX For iOS

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Numerical Audio has announced the release of VC-1, which they describe as a flexible, vintage voiced chorus effect capable of delivering many classic chorus sounds and more.

A spokesperson told us, "Featuring several true stereo algorithms with up to 3 chorus stages per channel, parallel & serial configurations, flexible input/output processing and much more VC-1 offers almost endless possibilities for classic, extreme or unconventional chorus effects."


  • 3 unique chorus models (Analog, Digital, Vintage Digital)
  • Up to 3 chorus stages in either serial or parallel configuration
  • Modulation via sine LFO or lowpass noise
  • Fixed 3 band split input section and +/-6db shelving filters at the output
  • Advanced Dimension D style stereo coupling
  • Stereo Animator & true stereo processing throughout
  • Standalone operation with mic/guitar input and support for USB audio interfaces
  • Audio Unit Extension
  • Inter App Audio support
  • Audiobus support
  • MIDI Remote Control

1. Analog
Warm sounding analog voiced chorus utilising BBD (bucket brigade delay) emulation and Dimension-D style cross-coupling.

2. Digital
Bright & modern sounding digital chorus (full bandwidth).

3. Vintage Digital
Dark & noisy vintage voiced digital chorus  (10kHz bandwidth / 12bit processing).


  • iOS9+
  • iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Pricing and Availability:
$5.99 at the app store.

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