Roland Boutique D-05 Announced today

Authentic recreation of the 80s digital synth      09/09/17

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The march of the Roland Boutique is seemingly unstoppable, Roland today announced the new D-05, essentially a D-50 in Boutique form - the LA synthesizer from 1987. Using what Roland call DCB (Digital Circuit Behavior Modelling), they say its a completely authentic recreation of the original. Though we hope the processor is a little more capable - some lag was present in the original D-50.

According to Sweetwater the Boutique D-005 will be priced at $349, availability "coming soon"


  • Perfect re-creation of the original D-50 digital synthesizer from 1987
  • Digital Circuit Behavior modeling and authentic user interface for complete accuracy
  • Combines PCM sample-based attack waveforms with synthesized sustained waveforms, with ring modulation available
  • Includes original D-50 sounds plus lots of new ones, and can even load D-50 patches
  • Built-in polyphonic 64-step sequencer and arpeggiator
  • Completely portable, with battery power (4 x AA) and built-in speaker
  • Compatible with Roland Boutique series accessories like the K-25m keyboard unit (sold separately)
  • Built-in effects (reverb, chorus) and EQ
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