Free Jamming App For iOS And Android

Fretello Stage lets you play to, record and share jam sessions      25/09/17

Fretello Stage is described as a quick, easy, and fun way to jam to high quality backing tracks and record instant videos you can share with your friends. It's designers say that this free app plays high quality backing tracks in any key signature and uses the smartphone's camera and microphone to record your jam sessions. A spokesperson told us, "It takes just seconds to share your favorite jams with your friends on Facebook."

Stage lets you:

  • Jam to 7.000+ high quality backing tracks from pop, rock, blues and heavy metal
  • Record, edit and save your jam sessions to your profile
  • Share videos of your favorite jams on Facebook
  • See who likes your music performances

Pricing and Availability:
Stage is available for free at the Apple App Store
Coming soon at Google Play.

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