Beta Testers Needed For HumBeatz Web App

Try out the app that enables users to turn their mouth into a musical instrument      18/10/17

Beta Testers Needed For HumBeatz Web App

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AmpTrack Technologies has announced an open call for Beta testers of its free app, HumBeatz, which is a 4-track music loop creator with pitch and beat detection that works directly in a Chrome web browser. This cloud-based app allows users to simply hum, whistle or beatbox and turn those sounds and song ideas into a musical instrument for creating musical parts, loops, stems or song sketches.

The app offers two modes for easy music creation. Hum Mode lets the user vocalize or sing a melody or bass line and assign it to one of more than 100 instruments in the app's virtual keyboard for playback. In Beatz Mode, the user can easily create recorded rhythm parts by beatboxing and selecting from eight drum kits and eight percussion kits (192 sounds total). HumBeatz automatically detects and converts the beatbox sounds to percussion instruments. 

Effects can also be added, and parts, notes and sound assignments can be manually changed in the app. Recordings can be further refined by saving and importing work into AmpTrack technologies' Amped Studio, a full-fledged, free online DAW, or by exporting to the desktop.

For those interested in being a Beta tester:
Please sign up for a free account at Next, watch the tutorial video here to begin exploring the HumBeatz features. Then, after trying HumBeatz, please forward all impressions and suggestions to:

Bil Bryant, CEO of AmpTrack Technologies, told us, "HumBeatz lets non-musicians easily and enjoyably participate in the music creation process, and allows musicians to save an idea when away from their instrument. We invite as many people as possible to try the free online beta containing machine learning algorithms that will help us improve the product."

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