Join The Star Wars Bar Band With the XT Synth Controller

Space age guitar/ violin cross      15/11/17

The XT Synth is yet another controller project from the prolific Gustavo Silviera AKA Nerd Musician. Its a space age four 'string' MIDI controller using four soft potentiometers as strings, with additional controllers on the body - kinda looks like a space-mandolin.

Its another of his controller projects - you should check out the sites for a whole bunch of them - DIY MIDI controllers for as little as $40.

Looks beautiful - and sounds like it either uses  MIDI  Guitar mode - multiple mono voices each with their own channel or perhaps MPE given that the pitch of each "string" is controlled independently. Gustavo says there is still a bit more work to be done to iron out the glitches.

No plans for a commercial project just yet, but we're glad it exists - part of the rich tapestry of music technology.

Thanks to Leigh Kemp for the spot.





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