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Poly Expressive is a large XYZ pad with as many switches / pads as you want      21/11/17

Poly Expressive: MIDI Foot Control - Don't switch; CONTROL

Chroma Coda is raising funds for Poly Expressive: MIDI Foot Control - Don't switch; CONTROL on Kickstarter! Want one large XY controller, 50 switches or anything in between? Just print your board to control all of your pedals, amps and DAWs.

Chroma Coda has launched a Kickstarter for their MIDI floor controller. They tell us that it is basically a large XYZ pad, with as many switches / pads as you want - you print out a board and put in the sleeve. A spokesperson said, "It allows you to change settings instead of just switching between presets. It does Bluetooth and wired MIDI. It's great for guitar pedals, amps, DAWs and mobile apps."

Here's the story in Chroma Coda's own words...

Poly Expressive is a foot controller that is easy to configure to do exactly what you want. Want something that switches between 20 presets with clear labels? Easy. Want much more including X Y pads and pressure sensitive controls? It does that too, and it's all easy to set up with our setup app. Simply print your board from the app and slide it into the sleeve. Easy control of pedals from Chase Bliss, Eventide, Pigtronix, Strymon and more, amps from Kemper, Positive Grid, Peavey and Hughes & Kettner as well as full featured control of Ableton and Bitwig, all from your feet. Poly uses top quality components like Switchcraft jacks and lets you express more with your feet.

Technical Points:

  • Detects position and pressure
  • Can send 3 dimensions at once per area, multiple MIDI messages can be mapped to each dimension.
  • No hard limit on how many messages per area.
  • Fits A3 or ledger paper
  • Great for controlling pedals, amps, DAWs/software and mobile apps
  • Can send MIDI clock
  • Daisy chain multiple Poly wirelessly
  • Premium parts including Switchcraft connectors
  • Built in Melbourne, Australia
  • Bluetooth and wired MIDI
  • Standard 9V 100mA centre negative power required
  • Can send MIDI control change (CC), program change, note on/off, aftertouch, pitch bend.
  • 6.5 MHz sample clock for low latency and accurate position sensing.
  • 3 mm thick
  • Setup app runs on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux.

Pricing and Availability:
From $329

More information:





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